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The Seventh Goddess
(work in progress)

Through the ages and across continents, the water goddess guards and nurtures the rivers and lakes. From Ancient Egypt to Celtic Ireland, from Mexico of the Aztecs to Angola beset by slavery, she tells her stories. And the lessons learnt over centuries. Each goddess is linked across time and space by the very element of life.


In near future east Asia, Dewi Danu finds herself in a crisis greater than ever. The very wellspring of the earth is under threat and she must link to the knowledge of the goddesses who have gone before, understand their messages, and find a way to access their power. In the process she may die along with the failing primordial waters or become more than legend. For water is life.

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Sign of the Monkey

Thousands of hippies, yogis, healers and wellness influencers are being drawn to the island of Bali. Strange signs are appearing in the rice paddies, statues are mysteriously changing shape, dying people are disappearing into thin air and a confluence of Gods is imminent. 

Javanese archaeologist Dian and her friends must solve the mystery of the sign of the monkey before the spirit world impacts on the mundane, and an ancient evil rains devastation on the world once more.


In the vein of American Gods with a dash of Eat, Pray, Love, Sign of the Monkey is a magical journey through the island of the Gods, a love song to Bali and a lighthearted exploration of wellness tourism.

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The Tangled

The world of The Tangled is a greener, fairer place. But a powerful consortium seeks to undermine this utopia, and boys are being radicalised.


Detective Mack goes undercover into the virtual world to solve an impossible homicide. Cal is a journalist investigating a mysterious island paradise where nothing is what it seems. Luc, jaded and vengeful, hacks on behalf of darknet gangsters. She discovers a malware bomb, and the three women must race to uncover an incel conspiracy and prevent power from being returned to the hands of the privileged few.

The Tangled is speculative fiction touching on themes of financial equality and the insidious world of men's rights activism.

Pepita trained as a science communicator and worked in corporate communications and project management in the nuclear industry, biotechnology and mining. She became an analyst, senior manager then board director for mineral exploration companies while doing speaking gigs, brokering and capital raising. 


Needing a creative outlet, and a more stable income (post-mining boom), Pepita retrained as a web designer and copywriter while keeping her fingers in a few tech pies. She also writes a football blog for an audience of about three. She would love to write fiction full-time but will probably get another unexpected career change any day now. 


Pepita has lived in four countries, including her native Australia. She now resides in Ubud, Bali with her two boisterous rescue dogs and a beloved kindle with a cracked screen. 

Pepita Maiden
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